Minister Suharso: The Key to Facing Indonesia Emas 2045 - The Minister for National Development Planning said that the main key to achieving a golden Indonesia in 2045 is the redesign of the concept of economic transformation that can accommodate economic challenges after the Covid-19 pandemic and increase productivity and added value to boost Indonesia's economic growth to a higher level.

This was said when receiving an interview from VOI. The minister continued, the strategy in realizing economic transformation to achieve golden Indonesia in 2045 was divided into 6 major strategies.

The first strategy is to create competitive human resources through improving health and education systems, as well as increasing research and innovation.

The second strategy is to increase the productivity of the economic sector through economic diversification efforts which include industrialization, increasing the productivity of MSMEs, as well as efforts to modernize agriculture to increase the added value of commodities.

The third strategy is the implementation of a green economy by implementing a low carbon, blue economy, and transitioning energy to sustainable energy.

The fourth strategy is digital transformation by increasing digital infrastructure evenly, digital utilization and strengthening enablers.

The fifth strategy is to integrate the domestic economy through increasing infrastructure connectivity between regions and the domestic value chain in enhancing the role of the regions and adding value to the economy.

The sixth strategy is to relocate the National Capital which can be used as a source of new economic growth in an effort to balance the economy between the West Indonesia Region and the Eastern Indonesian Region.

Monday, May, 3rd 2021

Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas 


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