Minister Suharso Leads Multilateral Meetings, Discussing National Health System Reform

Berita Terkini, Jakarta, - Minister of National Development Planning chaired Multilateral Meeting with the discussion of the Major Project for National Health System Reform, which held physically and virtually, Monday (31/05/2021). Also attending the meeting were the Minister of Health, the Minister of Transportation and the Minister of BUMN.

Things discussed in the forum included issues of national health system reform, namely tuberculosis control, complete basic immunization and health services covering health facilities and health personnel, as well as discussing the sharpening of cross-sectoral strategies and roles.

At the beginning of his presentation, the Minister explained the support of various stakeholder, namely the Ministries, Institutions, BUMN and DAK in the National Health System Reform. Ministry of Health supports in the form of Sarpras, vertical hospital buildings and medicines, immunization facilities, digitization of health services, provision of ship hospitals, scholarships for specialist doctors and dentists, TB early detection tools, and laboratory sarpas and KKP.

Support from BRIN  is Covid-19 research, independence of pharmaceuticals and medical devices as well as national research priorities. Support from the Police is the Polri Hospital, support from the Ministry of Defense / TNI is TNI Hospital, the support from the Ministry of Education and Culture and Research and Technology is the Education Hospital, from the PUPR Ministry of slum settlement arrangement, the Ministry of Transportation's support is the provision of pioneering air transportation.

Other support comes from DAK health, BUMN through PT Pertamina Bina Medika, namely the development of a superior service hospital, PT Bio Farma support through product life science and research and development facilities, and the development of merah putih  vaccines and health ecosystems.

In addition, the other Ministries and Institutions involved are the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Rural Development and Transmigration, Ministry of Domestic Affairs, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, BPOM, BPPT, LIPI, BSN, Ministry of BUMN Ministry of PAN-RB, Ministry of Religion, Ministry Employment, Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, Ministry of Finance, and BPJS Health.

Furthermore, the Minister explained the sharpening of the tuberculosis control strategy by expanding aggressive testing and requiring contact tracing, complete treatment of TB sufferers and review of BCG vaccination, as well as improving health literacy and activating PMO.

Meanwhile, the sharpening of the Complete Basic Immunization (IDL) strategy was conducted by accelerating the target of IDL coverage, PCV vaccine as a national program, and the need for immunization with new antigens.

The next discussion is the sharpening of health service strategies that are carried out with equal access to health services, expansion of national referral hospitals and networks of superior service hospitals, redistribution of health workers, accelerating production of general practitioners and specialists as well as scarce health workers.

Monday, May, 31st 2021
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